SuiteCommerce upgrades in NetSuite 2021.2

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NetSuite 2021.2 contains new features and enhancements to help ensure your customers’ digital experiences exceed their expectations, such as sending email and mobile invoices with payment links so they can easily pay you online, automated website setup for entering channels/markets faster, getting paid faster by receiving ACH payments from larger invoice amounts.

Here’s a look at other features you can expect with the latest upgrade: 

SuiteCommerce users can now automate business transactions with a quick, simple way to accept payments online. Available to all NetSuite users, the new payment link feature allows you to send your customers an email or SMS that takes them directly to a dedicated page showing an invoice summary and options for paying. 

They have different choices such as credit/debit cards, ACH or third-party providers like PayPal so they pay conveniently without any hassles . Business owners can also configure this webpage by setting up policies of full versus partial payment according to their needs based on minimum amount etc. Businesses are able to streamline transactions even further with automated invoicing tools

ACH Payments

Electronic bank-to-bank payments (also known as ACH) are a new invoice payment option in 2021.2, increasing popularity because of the following advantages: Lower third party processing fees improve margins. 

The ability to accommodate higher amounts with no limits on how much can be paid out at once is also helpful for business owners and entrepreneurs who sell larger items or services that require more money all at once than some typical credit cards allow you to pay back within one billing cycle without incurring extra costs from financial institutions such as interest rates or annual percentage rate APR’s. 

Strong security measures help prevent fraud when combined with link functionality so customers see faster invoices being processed.

Enhanced Analytics & Automation

Now businesses can use the valuable data of online shopping behavior on customer records to build richer profiles. The aggregation and manipulation of this behavioral data are available in saved searches, which also allows for merchandising analytics reports that are customized with new features like hierarchy item, inventory sales, fulfillment data filters down net sales. 

Automating the creation of new sites, NetSuite 2021.2 also reduces a site administrator’s workload by requiring fewer clicks and less time to set up. The sooner you launch your site, the faster traffic will spike and sales will start pouring in.

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