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Ogg had a blast attending Online Retailer NZ this year. We especially enjoyed discussing how our products could help shape the eCommerce experience for both businesses and their customers. 

We also enjoyed attending the keynotes and gaining some insights from leading retailers across APAC. 

Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel GM of retail experience Kym Porter kicked off the keynotes by discussing how collaboration is key in modern retail. He explained that the entire experience needs to be a delight for customers from online through to store. Another exciting point he made was around the need to be corporate, he explains that this stagnant approach does not deliver a good retail experience to clients.

When asked what the future of retail looks like Porter commented, “Well we use virtual reality, so we can experience what the customer will feel. But what is next for the customer? A VR only shopping experience? Will we ever leave the house again?

“No, I don’t think it’s impossible but I do think it is unlikely. I think the future is AR, whether we like it or not. In 5 – 10 years there will be AR glasses that are constantly connected, providing real-time recognition of products. The opportunity for real-time AR advertising will be astronomical.” 

“So should we drop everything now to focus on AR? Well not quite yet, but it is definitely a good time to start dipping your toes. It will be an exciting time for those who are willing to push digital boundaries.” 


TheMarket CEO Justus Wilde followed on from porter by discussing how to improve the customer experience by using data to drive personalisation. He also discussed how to create a brand-driven eCommerce experience by focusing on content and effectively integrating social so that the latest trends and insights are at the forefront.

Wilde comments, “It’s great to create a lot of content but the content has to do something for you. It has to bring tangible value and return to your company, it’s important to set real, trackable and tangible goals for your content strategies. ” 

Adore Beauty

Adore Beauty CTO Gareth Williams discussed the perks of headless commerce and how it allows businesses to scale and delight customers. He stressed that it is important to have a relentless focus on customer service. Williams also showcased how machine learning can be used to showcase relevant content to customers and how that can translate to sales. 

Williams comments, “We started by optimising our site speed, and that’s allowed us to change our entire online approach. Machine learning will definitely slow your website down, but if your site is already fast, well you have a bit of room to play with. All of this has allowed us to create an incredible experience.” 

Missed out on Online Retailer NZ this year? No worries, below you’ll find some of our favourite shots from the event. 

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