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Celigo announced that they raised $20 million in a Series B round to meet surging demand, expand product development, and fuel global expansion. The funding round was led by NewSpring and joined by Blossom Street Ventures and current investor TVC Capital.

Celigo’s iPaaS solution allows people across a range of technical skill levels to easily connect applications together and drive business process automation. 

The platform’s design, along with a catalogue of hundreds of pre-built application connectors and Integration Apps, allows users to quickly build, manage and handoff complex integrations at scale, requiring fewer IT resources and lowering total cost of ownership.

At Ogg, Celigo is the glue that holds all of our systems together, it might not be front and centre in our product line-up but it’s what allows our team to build solutions that communicate and integrate effectively. 

“Celigo has reimagined what integration should be,” said Celigo CEO Jan Arendtsz. “With today’s proliferation of business applications, the older generation of iPaaS solutions has hit its limits.”

“Celigo’s mission is to simplify the building and management of all integrations, without any compromise in capabilities, so that both IT and business users can work side-by-side to automate business processes. The balance between simplicity and complexity is difficult to achieve, and Celigo has found it in this new approach to iPaaS.”

Most of the integration platforms deployed today were built more than ten years ago to serve the needs of the first wave of SaaS adoption and were designed purely for IT users. With the proliferation of SaaS apps in companies of all sizes, this model does not scale, and the fast-growing iPaaS market is ripe for disruption. 

Celigo integrator.io was born in the cloud and is the only iPaaS to combine a no-code, guided user experience for business users with advanced extensibility with complex business logic for development teams. 

With this round, Celigo has raised a total of $32 million in funding to-date.

Ogg CEO Simon Ede comments, “We’ve been working with Celigo for over 10 years now. In the early days, the customer requirements were mainly around the simple sync of data between NetSuite and different email systems or FTP folders.

“These days Celigo helps us maximise our customers’ previous investment in existing systems that can connect up to NetSuite, all without a line of code. This allows us to remove traditional multi-database barriers when we help clients move to new tech platforms.

The integration maturity model

The concept of a Maturity Model is a well-known framework that articulates “the ability of an organisation for continuous improvement in a particular discipline”. This helps companies and teams understand the challenges they face and where they might be headed based on where they sit in the maturity model. 

For example, while the accounting team of a young company might slowly manage expense reporting via email, spreadsheets, and paper checks, more mature accounting teams have fully-automated systems with real-time dashboards that provide insights into total spend by departments.

Having provided integrations for thousands of companies over the last decade, Celigo has identified certain integration trends based on a company’s own operational readiness. The result is the following Integration Maturity Model to help companies understand their own integration readiness:

To find out more about how we use Celigo feel free to reach out to our team here.

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