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About Straker


Founded in 1999 by Merryn and Grant Straker as a technology services company, the company became a translation services company in 2010 when it saw a gap in the market for technology-based translation services that could utilize both machines and humans to produce highly accurate, faster, and more cost-effective translations. Since 2010 the company has grown into one of the world’s leading translation service providers.

Business Challenges

• Outgrew the current ERP Service and needed a more integrated platform.

• System was struggling to handle multi-currency consolidation.

• Automation of some of the more mundane processes.

• 24/7 Cloud Capability.

• A responsive customer-centric website, that’s able to handle complex business structures

“We were using Xero, which while simple to use was problematic with running 16 entities, particularly around reporting, consolidation, and controls.”

David Ingram, Straker Translations

“The presence and tax compliance functionality it has was also important for us, with entities in 9 countries.”

Why did Straker
choose NetSuite


The more Straker went through the options and thought about what their business requirements were, it really came down to NetSuite.

NetSuite has a strong presence in technology companies; the relatively seamless bi-annual updates, the strong consolidation functionality, and the revenue recognition ability.



Business journey

“We had a complex integration requirement so it meant that Ogg was involved closely with our in-house application team as well as our finance team. We had a project manager, seconded from Finance, as well as a business team, including the COO, that meet on a weekly basis to define and track tasks and processes.

“Ogg were responsible for the initial set-up, helping the integration team, and guiding us through the data conversion as well as setting up reports and NetSuite scripts. We had a good experience.

“We found the post-go-live support to be particularly good with very thorough explanations and timely responses. Ogg had resources based in Europe who also helped out with our European finance team which was great. Ogg was always available and provided clear direction.”

-David Ingram, Straker Translations

Specific gains


• Straker now has more secure data.

• They also have fewer issues with errors, because of how NetSuite is built, relying on its internal ID system to tag everything.

• The flexibility of NetSuite allows for more efficient business processes.

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