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Getting prepped for your ERP journey


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations can be intensive projects for teams to undertake, given that ERP touches all parts of a business. Managed well, it’ll be a key process that not only provides you with suitable technology for your next stage of business but helps you audit your business and refine process.

Ogg have been doing ERP implementations for over 15 years, across 250 large deployments. We’re a team made up of business consultants, project managers, trainers and technical staff. ERP crucially addresses the core financial operation within an organisation, so all work is overseen by chartered accountants.

This guide is agnostic to ERP systems and suitable as a general guide to help with your approach. The fundamentals of a successful ERP implementation are based on strong and methodical project management practices.

In this guide we cover: 

  • How to choose the right ERP solution for your business.
  • The basics of the integration process.
  • How to overcome the data migration process.
  • The best practices for ERP implementation.
  • Risks to keep in mind before going live.
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