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About IconRadford


IconRadford was formed in October 2019 with the merger of Icon Textiles from New Zealand and Radford Furnishings from Australia.

Both companies were the long-term importers and wholesale distributors for several UK fabric houses including Designers Guild Group and Cole and Son Wallpaper.

B2B Resale

Australia & New Zealand

Business Challenges

• Outgrew the current ERP Service and needed a more integrated platform.

• System was struggling to handle multi-currency consolidation.

• Reacquired full end-to-end supply chain visibility.

• Automation of some of the more mundane processes.

• 24/7 Cloud Capability.

• A responsive customer-centric website, that’s able to handle complex business structures

“It got to the point after we merged with Australia that we realized that we needed a unified system, one that could handle multi-currency accounting in a consolidated fashion”

George Isles, IconRadford

“We really wanted to make sure providers were listening to the brief that we’d given. Simon (Ogg) came up with a good brief, was clear in his explanation and answers to our questions, and had actually listened to us. Which is really what we wanted, and also, local, just down the road, from our offices. Ogg was confident and competent, and gave us a good sense of what needed to be done.”

George Isles, IconRadford

Why did IconRadford
choose NetSuite


The more IconRadford went through the options and thought about what their business requirements were, it really came down to a race between Dynamics BC and NetSuite.

The modular nature of Dynamics BC didn’t make sense to IconRadford, especially when no one was taking responsibility to ensure that those core functions were being performed.

IconRadford had a couple of conversations with industry experts. One was Simon from Ogg, as well as a Dynamics BC provider.

In the end, they came to the conclusion that NetSuite would be a better option. Afterward, it just came down to the nuts and bolts as they decided which solution provider to go with.

Business journey


In the process of implementation, IconRadford flushed out a number of issues with its external stakeholders. And that led to some changes post-implementation.

George Isles, IconRadford says, “So it came down to making sure that we had the financials, customer data, and product data in as good an order as possible, then getting that across to all who helped with the implementation.”

Because IconRadford was on SuiteSuccess, it was mainly a training journey, while Ogg handled the implementation.

George Isles, IconRadford continues, “We were working together on it, which is good. I learned a lot along the way.”

When It came to the website side of things there were a few issues to work through, however, Ogg and IconRadford worked together to sort them out.

George Isles, IconRadford says, “We came from a very tightly integrated package where we had no CMS at all. So, the new site gave us a huge amount of CMS, so it was about understanding how those two systems work together.”

Specific gains

Website Upgrade

• The new site is a bigger, more responsive platform.

• The uptimes are better than their previous platform.

• IconRadford now has a better deal on standard credit card transactions.

• Better data analytics, via Google.

• They also have more granular control of what a customer is seeing.


• IconRadford now has more secure data.

• They also have fewer issues with errors, because of how NetSuite is built, relying on its internal ID system to tag everything.

• NetSuite will help manage the supply chain and ensure that issues are far and few between.

• The flexibility of NetSuite allows for more efficient business processes.

Find out more about ERP & how we appraoch the process

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